Spiritual growth is an important component of your LEVN year.  Community worship and theology centers around Christianity as experienced in the Episcopal and Lutheran traditions.  We get to live in to the uniqueness of each tradition while considering how they are alike and different.  By placing these denominations into dialogue with each other, we get to learn more about our faith and what is spiritually important to us in our own spiritual journeys.

LEVN meets every Monday night for worship, dinner, and discussion to reflect on the connections between our faith and our service to the world.

Retreat at Lake Tahoe
Retreat at Lake Tahoe

We go on retreat together four times during the year to places like Napa, Lake Tahoe, and San Francisco, in order to step back from our work and home environments and visit different areas of Northern California.

LEVN volunteers also are involved in one of our local partner congregations (either the Lutheran or Episcopal Churches).

They are provided the opportunity to meet with a spiritual director once a month for deeper reflection.

Volunteers are also expected to contribute to a weekly blog which serves as a tool for reflection concerning their experience this year as well as raising awareness about the work they are doing in the community.

Volunteers develop a Rule of Life at the beginning of the program which guides their intentional community living.  As part of that Rule, they eat together at least once a week, and pray together at least once a week.  Each group determines how best to live into this component together to meet the needs of their particular house community.

“I thought other volunteers would be at a similar season of life and I could relate to them through that shared experience. Turns out the shared experience is living this year as a group. That is the season in which we are all a part of.” – LEVN Volunteer

Campus Ministry

LEVN Volunteers are welcome and encouraged to participate in the offerings of the Belfry Campus Ministry, which includes weekly worship and dinner, bible study, spirituality group, monthly “Faith and Film” nights, interfaith events, service projects, and retreats and conferences.  Participation in the campus ministry is not required, but is an additional chance to find community with the UC Davis students, and have additional worship and spiritual growth opportunities.