Here’s some answers to questions we get asked a lot.

Do I have to bring a car?
No you don’t.  Some placement sites require a car.  Most are accessible by the bus.

What if I have student loans?
We can help you get forbearance.  We can write a letter to your lender explaining your income situation and this will allow you to postpone repayment until after your LEVN year is completed.

Can I take classes while I’m in LEVN?
Volunteering 40 hours per week and living in intentional community is a lot.  We want you to be able to be focused and fully give your time and attention to yourself and your community for this year, so taking classes for credit is not allowed.  You can audit classes, or participate in other interest based things like improv or cooking classes.

Can I have another job while I’m in LEVN?
One of our fundamental values is simple living.  Part of the challenge of this year is to live on the stipend we provide.  We spend a lot of time talking about how to stretch those stipend dollars so that you can live healthfully and well even on a limited income.  Volunteering and living in intentional community is your focus during your LEVN year, so having outside employment is not permitted.  We do encourage other volunteer activities like joining local choirs, joining a gym, or serving in grassroots organizations for a cause you’re passionate about.

Will I get vacation time or sick leave?
Yes!  All Volunteers get two weeks of vacation and one week of sick leave.  You will negotiate with your supervisor as to when this time will be used.

What is the reentry grant?
All LEVN Volunteers who successfully complete the program will receive a reentry grant of $1000.  This can be used however you like: a student loan payment, apartment deposit, graduate school fees, relocation expenses.

Can LEVN accept international applicants?
We can accept people from other countries as long as they have a valid work visa.  We are unable to help people obtain a work visa to come to the US.