The recent weeks have been somewhat stressful. Many different things all happening very quickly. A few weekends ago we hosted this year’s Province VIII conference, and it was a success, but also very time consuming, having to jump from one place on campus to the next, while prepping for the next activity.

I ended up leading a poetry workshop during the provincial conference, and it was very exciting, it was rewarding, but there were some hiccups that came along, but despite that and it being the first time I had ever led such an event it turned out well. It surprised me how fast the hour that I had went by, and evaluating my performance afterwards I realize there are some areas that I should trim down and others that I need to devote more time to if ever I do something similar again.

Thinking back, I realize I needed more emphasis on how poetry can directly be a spiritual practice. The audience didn’t seem to quite understand that towards the end. I did end it on a high note though; I gave the group a writing prompt I had used in college before, where you write down what your most embarrassing (or other embarrassing story if it is too personal) and then you randomly select from the paper one to write about, so you don’t get your own and you don’t know who’s you have gotten.


I am dating one of my housemates, Megan, and it is going well. We have been dating about 3 months now. She is great and I think we make a pretty wonderful team. I think we do an excellent job of supporting each other, and she really does compliment my personality, I tend to be more spontaneous then her, and she is the opposite, and where I tend to think about the larger picture she is much better at seeing the finer details.

Although, she doesn’t see movies like The Goonies and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off for the cinematic masterpieces that they are, I am truly blessed. Lately we often spend our evenings cooking dinner together and watching a cult classic TV show or movie.

We just finished on the last day of March a series called Roswell, which is a little campy, but pretty decent. Megan has the habit of finding fun shows that only have like 3 seasons, and it always amuses me and frustrates me too because sure enough I get super into the story and it is cut short and I am left in agony.

Now we have started watching various episodes of Top Gear/Grand Tour, mainly the specials where they travel 1,000 plus miles in cars you can purchase for $1,000 dollars. Calamity always ensues and in their ingenuity the humor is created.

I have also just been invited the Kuneli household for Easter this year. Which I think is a big step in our relationship due to the fact Megan loves the Holy week and I imagine that this is one of her favorite holidays, and that she is sharing it with me is humbling. From what I understand several members of her family (mother’s side) shall be there, most of whom I have not met, with the exception of her parents.









I am putting together a literary magazine called Kings Mill Damn and I am excited to get that underway and going. I think it is important for me to do this, it allows my creativity to take a productive stance while not breaking the bank.

The production is still in the very initial stages, currently the website is underway and after that will come the first call to submission.

I am looking at writing science fiction poetry lately. It is a genre/form that I don’t see very much attention in or serious attempts at. So, I am looking forward to exploring it more and putting pencil to paper.

I have also been studying Taoism in my free time. It is an interesting spectrum of many different beliefs and blends. It is also extremely old, and the very nature of the philosophy makes it difficult to narrow down to one school. It isn’t a faith or philosophy that believes in rigidness and classification, so the faith as a whole is wide and varied, which has made studying it that much harder.









I have a subscription to The Wall Street Journal  ($1 for two months!) and with it came membership to Wall Street Journal+ (WSJ+) which is like this membership club that the company provides. They give special offers and free stuff through it, it was on WSJ+ that I found free VIP tickets to San Francisco’s premier modern art festival.  I was able to obtain 9 tickets, and it looks like our entire LEVN household is going, it occurs during the 27-30th of April, so we will probably just pick one day to go.

Advice that I would give to future LEVNeers would be to find some free subscriptions to various magazines. There are a ton you can do just for filling out surveys, I was able to get a free subscription to Time, Sports Illustrated, and Entertainment Weekly.  You have to be careful because there are obviously a ton of scams out there, but it is an easy way to get some nice free stuff.

Really finding free things to do is the best way to get through LEVN I feel like. Because if you are like me then you have bills and what not, and so that stipend goes away in the blink of an eye. So really take advantage of anything you can, be it free movie screenings in the park, free concerts in the park, and free magazines. But also shopping for deals is the prime directive.

I mean for like $9-15 you can get a single ticket to the Sacramento Kings. The stadium is really nice and the if you get there early enough you can find parking for under $15, which if you split that cost amongst the rest of your housemates or whoever becomes extremely reasonable.

It is difficult to believe that in 3 months that my time in LEVN will come to an end. It has been an interesting experience so far, and I am excited to look towards the future.

I am hoping that finding a job will not be too difficult, and finding a place to live might be challenge because I do not know yet where to go and there are many factors pulling me in many competing directions.

I will write another blog post before that last day of LEVN, and hopefully I will have some excellent news on the job search to share.


– Jonathan Heimer

The Belfry

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral